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AI Scams Exposed! Don't Get Fooled in Commercial Real Estate

January 29, 2024


Hey, Commercial Real Estate Rockstars!


Being ahead of the curve is essential in the fast-paced business of commercial real estate, particularly when it comes to AI technology. Our sector is being revolutionized by AI, but this progress also brings new hazards, especially in the shape of sophisticated frauds. Now let's explore how to defend your assets against these AI real estate frauds.


AI in Commercial Real Estate: A New Frontier


AI is becoming more and more important in the commercial real estate industry, providing creative solutions for investment strategies, property management, and market analysis. But integrating AI also comes with hazards, including the possibility of fraud and data breaches in our industry.


Safeguarding Your Investments: Strategies Against AI Scams


1. Critical Evaluation of AI-generated Data: AI may produce investment reports and real estate listings that are both persuasive and misleading. Always double-check AI-generated data with experts and reliable sources. ¹


2. Deepfake Technology Risks: Watch out for deepfake films that pretend to be experts in the field or exaggerate the state of the property, deceiving investors and harming reputations. ³


3. Data Security in AI Systems: Significant amounts of financial and personal data are involved in commercial real estate, making them susceptible to cyberattacks powered by AI. ²


4. Due Diligence in Transactions: Verify the legitimacy of all participants and transaction data, particularly in high-stakes business transactions. 4


Vital Data Points: The Emerging Threats


  • It is becoming more difficult to spot fraudulent activity in commercial real estate due to the sophistication of AI-generated fake property listings and investment reports. ¹

  • Scams employing deepfake technology have resulted in significant financial losses, as demonstrated by an event in 2019 utilizing AI speech technology exploited in wire fraud. ³


Commercial Real Estate Owners, let's navigate this AI era wisely. Stay informed, verify thoroughly, and always consult with trusted experts. For more insights or assistance, feel free to Call, Text, or DM me.


How are you using AI to take your real estate goals to the next level?





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