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From Clicks to Bricks: Unleashing Your Store's Potential in the Netflix Era!

Hey, Retail Real Estate Rockstars! Guess what? Netflix, the hip online destination for movies and TV shows, is now launching its own physical locations called "Netflix House." For those who own properties where retailers may open, this is excellent news. Here's how to make your location fantastic for Netflix and other online retailers looking to open physical locations:

Making the Most of the Netflix House Party:

1. Beyond Regular Stores: Don't just have a store there; make it more. Consider the enjoyable activities that may take place there, such as games or television programs that convey a story, much as Netflix does online.

2. Joining Hands with Locals: Join forces with nearby entertainers, eateries, and artists. Make your house a hip space with a contemporary touch that still feels like home.

3. Get Techy: Make shopping enjoyable and simple by using clever technology. Think of a coffee shop where the order is taken by a robot!

Online Big Shots Coming to Your Street:

Netflix is not alone; other big online shops are also thinking about opening real stores:

- Amazon: They already have real stores like Amazon Books and Amazon Go.

- Alibaba: They have a supermarket called Hema which is a mix of online and real-life shopping.

- Shopify: Known for helping online shops grow, they might open real stores too.

Fun Facts:

- People are loving stores where they can have fun experiences, with a 9% increase in such places ¹.

- Even though online shopping is popular, 82.5% of shopping is still done in real stores ².

Retail Real Estate Rockstars, make your locations hip and fun for Netflix and other internet behemoths. Your location may become the next big thing if it offers enjoyable activities, local collaborations, and cutting-edge technology.

As big online names come to life in our streets, how will your place join the fun and keep shoppers excited?


1: Source: Retail Dive, “Experiential Retail Report”, 2023

2: Source: U.S. Census Bureau, “Quarterly Retail E-Commerce Sales”, 2023

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