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How does the U.S. Presidency affect the value of retail real estate?

Hey, Retail Real Estate Rockstars! Let's make sense of retail real estate and how big events like the U.S. Presidential Election and Federal Reserve policies affect it. I'm here to make it all clear and help you make smart decisions with your properties.


Understanding the Fed's Independence: The Federal Reserve, led by Jerome Powell, makes its own decisions, separate from the President's influence. They set the Target Interest Rate, which really affects how much it costs to borrow money, based on the economy, not politics[1].


The Jerome Powell Factor: Powell, the head of the Fed, focuses on keeping the economy steady. His speeches and what the Federal Reserve says are really useful to understand what's going on in the economy[2].


Presidential Power... Or Lack Thereof: The President can choose who's in the Federal Reserve, but once they're there, they make their own decisions. This is important for keeping the economy stable, and you can read more about it in "Economics" by Krugman and Wells[3].


What Does This Mean for Retail Real Estate?: Changes in interest rates by the Fed can change how much it costs you to get a loan for buying or refinancing properties. This will impact the value of your retail real estate. Keep an eye on reports from the National Association of Realtors to stay informed[4].


Election Impact on the Economy: Elections can change long-term plans, but they don't directly control the Fed's decisions. For more on this, check out sources like The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg[5].


  • The Fed's Target Interest Rate: This rate is key for your loan costs. The current target rate of 5.25% and 5.50% shows the Fed is trying to balance economic growth and control inflation[6].

  • Presidential Elections: These can affect how people feel about the market, but not the Fed's decisions on money matters[5].


Want to stay on top of these economic waves and keep your investments on track? Whether you're buying, selling, or planning your next move, I'm here to help. Call, Text, or DM me for more info – let's put these insights into action!


How will you change your retail real estate strategy based on the economic directions set by the Federal Reserve, no matter who wins the presidential election?




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