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Inflation Increases Again! Thriving Amid Economic Twists

January 11, 2024


Hey Retail Real Estate Rockstars! Your trusted retail real estate authority here, with the latest lowdown on our economy. Let’s jump right in!


What’s Up in the Economy?


Knowing the economic scene is key in your real estate game. Here’s the hot news:


1. Prices on the Rise: December 2023 saw a bump in prices – up by 3.4% from last year. Keep an eye on this! [1]


2. Stable Core Inflation: The main inflation rate we watch didn’t jump around – it's at 3.1%. This means things are steady, which is good news. [2]


3. Job Scene Looking Good: Fewer people are jobless, meaning more folks with cash to spend in our stores. [3]


Why This Matters to You? Here's the real talk on how this affects your retail properties:


  • Shopping Patterns Might Shift: With prices climbing, people might shop differently. This could impact the types of stores that do well in your space.

  • Watch Those Loan Rates: Changes in interest rates could affect your property value. Stay ahead of this game! [4]


Pro Tips for Property Owners


  • Diverse Stores are Key: Mix up the types of stores you have. It’s smart to be ready for any economic weather.

  • Get Inside Your Shoppers’ Heads: Knowing what your shoppers want is crucial. Stay tuned to their habits and needs.

  • Smart Money Moves: Be on the ball with financing. If loan rates change, you want to be ready.


Let’s Connect! Need a sounding board or some savvy advice on riding these economic waves? I’m here for you. Call, Text, or DM me – let’s make your retail spaces shine!


How will the latest economic shifts shape the future of your retail real estate investments?







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